A Special Honour

Carlo is being honoured for his many years of work with cancer patients by the Massachusetts General Cancer Centre in Boston Massachusetts on May 26th, 2015 at the one hundred gala

Health and Beauty...Naturally

As the environment around us changes rapidly, people's health does the same, and not for the better. Living today in our highly stressful society made us realize that there was something needed to be done.

Welcome to the home of Transitions Studio. It has been our passion to create a healthy atmosphere for our clients. An atmosphere every client deserves. Here at Transitions Studio, we have strived to create a healthier, more tranquil, clean and chemically free environment.

Some of the ways we are enhancing our client ambiance is through the use of chemically free shampoo and conditioners, nail polish, soaps and colour formulas for our skin and body care services. Also, organic coffee, Goji berries, salt lamps, beeswax candles, reclaimed wood are being used to enhance our clients experience here at Transitions Studio.